Northwoods recognizes that intrigue is the doorway to future finger skaters.  If you are new to the concept we try to answer some of the basic questions you may have.


What is a fingerboard?

It is a tiny skateboard riders perform tricks on with the index and middle finger acting as feet.


Why fingerboard?

Fingerboarding feels real, because it is.  If you can’t ride a skateboard the only thing to come close are video games.  There is a huge gap of sensation between a real rail slide and a game controller.  Fingerboards bridge this gap!  By giving you challenge and reward, fingerboards can be an outlet for energy and creativity.


Can I start at any age?

You can start at any age.  Children under 10 should ride under adult supervision.


Can I stop?

If you pick one up and try to do a trick, you probably wont land it.  I have yet to see anyone NOT try again.  It is very addictive.


Does fingerboarding make me uncool?

Not if you land it!  Fingerboarding is not only cool, it’s a way of life.  Fingerboarding builds muscle memory, improves dexterity and reflexes.


Is it difficult?

Yes.  Tiny world = tiny physics.  Things happen much quicker.  It can develop hand-eye coordination, reflexes and swift muscle memory.  It is a sport that is a fun challenge at any level.


Is fingerboarding for me?

If you have ever imagined what it is like to skateboard and you have 2 fingers, it is for you.


I have a plastic board, is that just as good as wood?

A plastic board is OK to get started, I have owned hundreds and they are inexpensive.  But no, they are not as good.  Wood is used in skateboards because of its special characteristics.  No synthetic material can capture the pop and flex of properly pressed wood.  Northwoods offers high quality, performance, all-wood decks with a very unique contour, kick and concave to give you the ultimate in response and beauty.  Check out our PRODUCTS and DESIGN to discover a new world in fingerboards.


Are Northwoods boards made in the USA?

Northwoods fingerboards were born in the high country of beautiful Colorado and are proudly handcrafted and assembled in Fairplay CO.


Did you really invent a concave?

Most certainly!  During the development of Northwoods there was zero exposure to a competitors product (other than TD).   There is nothing like SWEETridge on earth and the competition have only started to experiment with core technology such as POWERline.  These serious considerations have been a part of Northwoods since its conception. The concepts found on this site were the result of hard work and problem solving sheltered from outside influence.


Is Northwoods a big business?

  We are very small, it is mainly my amazing wife and I.  Use of the term “we” represents those who helped me along the way or family / close friends that donate their time and energy to fingerboarding and believe in Northwoods.  To say “I” would take from the tremendous credit they deserve.   However, every board is in these hands from conception to the moment it is shipped.  Every purchase from you supports the growth of our fingerboard scene here and at large through sponsored events.  Every dime goes back into what we believe in.  Although Northwoods started as the vision of one, it took a great many to see it before it was reality.




Will you sponsor me?

Probably not.  Do things because you love to do them.




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