SWEETRIDGE concave Our one of a kind SWEETRIDGE ergonomic concave hugs your fingers while offering sweet spots throughout the length of the board to encourage consistent setup and performance. The SWEETRIDGE concave was difficult to develop, but the payoff has been exponential in the feel and performance of every deck pressed. It has proven itself time and time again, through many great riders, to be most effective in its intended purpose. Find your sweet spot! POWERLINE core We discovered our core technology after testing numerous materials to find one with the ability to snap back into shape quickly. Our POWERLINE core is twice as dense and rigid as our maple layers providing strength, shape retention and pop. Embedding this into the center of the deck takes full advantage of its rebounding properties without sacrificing the characteristics of the traditional maple feel. GFX technology Extensive efforts went in to bringing you the sharpest and most authentic graphics application method possible. The graphics are real wear and most models wear down to a colored ply. MINUS30 profile This term refers to the process where each construction ply is sanded 15% on each side for a total of 30%. This removes less stable material caused by raw material cutting tools. The end result is a deck 30% lighter and thinner without sacrificing strength. *MINUS30 is only used in 5-ply construction

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