Who is Northwoods?

It started with one person, in a small room designing and creating fingerboard gear.  It now extends out past a loving wife, good friends, co-workers all the way to the edges of earth through team members and riders who support us throughout the world.


What is Northwoods?

Northwoods is proof that following your heart in the face of fear and doubt will get you through the thickest of forests.


Where is Northwoods located?

Northwoods is proudly crafted in the beautiful town of Fairplay, Colorado.


Is Northwoods how you make a living?

No, I real estate to pay my bills.  All funding generated by Northwoods is funneled directly back into growing our operation.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Every dime that has gone into this was earned the hard way.  Sweat and tears through many years is how we got here.


The pages of this site contain the result of a lifetime of skating and fingerboarding.  Since the beginning they have walked hand and hand.  The more I do of both, the more they connect and inspire each other.

J. Hadden



     Our mission is to better fingerboarding through research, development, advancement of products, team riders, social networks, events, demos, education and promotion of fingerboard awareness to grow the scene in a positive direction.


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