by Yellowood®

Made in Portugal


     Since the beginning Yellowood has consistently made fingerboard gear beautiful, thoughtful and functional.  We share their philosophy on life and the relentless pursuit of better gear.  We are proud to bring the very best, dual bearing truck in the world directly to the U.S.A.  While these trucks may seem expensive, they are strong, small and exact parts that can take the abuse of pro fingerboarding.  Northwoods is proud to be an authorized dealer of Ytrucks.


  • Designed 100% by Yellowood.
  • Strong and unique metal compound used.
  • Solid, through body, single steel shaft allowing for greater strength.
  • Their very own Autoblock wheel nuts make sure your wheels stay on.
  • Long and strong kingpin.
  • Kingpin and mounting hardware are equipped with Torx heads.
  • All trucks include Ykey tool.
  • Bushings made from Viton that rebound and turn smoothly.
  • Perfect fitting pivot cup to keep you straight and secure.
  • Vivid coloring.


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Basic +

Made in China


     These trucks are our entry level truck.  We took some basic China made trucks and threw in a couple of extras to help get the job done.


       Upgrades include:


  • Strong bushings
  • Washers
  • Stronger, wider allen bolt kingpin
  • Pivot cups
  • Small axle washers


29mm wide

Allen wrench and mounting hardware included.


Price $9.99 + Shipping

USA First Class = $3.50

International = $9.00


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