Our team is a critical part of Northwoods.  Not only do they represent with a positive attitude and amazing skills but they test new products and help with feedback.  They are the faces and personalities that make up who we are as a whole.  I proudly present the Northwoods fingerboard team.

Photo: Martin Beckmann, Fingerboard TV

Jared Hadden


Year of birth:


First words:


Year started fingerboarding:


Year you plan to stop fingerboarding:

Stupid question.

Favorite trick (s):

Nose slide, blunts, bumps.  sw bk1 kf

Special powers:

I don't give up.


Switch heels.


Cody and Piper.  Nothing is better than little brown dogs.

Up time:

Make boards, parks and video/ graphic production.

Down time:

Fingerboard, snowboard, writing music & lounging with the afore mentioned LBDs.

Advice to a newbie:

Eliminate bad habits as early as possible.  Be your own worst critic yet patient with yourself.  Teach your muscles by repeating good habits.  Don't get lost in learning one trick, IT'S A TRAP! Switch it up to avoid ruts.   Above all else, fingerboard for the pure joy.

Life approach:

Be responsible for your own happiness.

Why you ride:

Fingerboarding has always been there, waiting for me.  It's a constant opportunity to live in the moment.  A small piece of wood contains the power to challenge myself mentally and sharpen my reflexes.

Why Northwoods:

For over 25 years fingerboarding has given me serenity in the face of chaos.  I owe a debt of gratitude to FB and Northwoods is my way of paying back by doing my part to grow the art/sport/way of life.

Last words:

Thank you, trees.


       On a Christmas day, long ago, 3 brothers awoke with anticipation and the promise of new skateboards.  This would be the most amazing feat ever performed as finances assured the impossibility.  Packages too small to wrap a full size board were opened to reveal 3 fingerboards and a half pipe.  Hours turned to weeks, to months, to years, into a bad habit at work and now into a company.  Thanks Mom, for the best gift ever... other than life.

A tremendous thanks to everyone below for your involvement, willing or not.  Those who push me, challenge me and who let me go in pursuit of my dreams.  -J



Emily Levine - wife/motivator/advisor

Walter Mathers - associate/motivator/advisor

James - finance, First Bank

Ryan Anderson - trademarks, Larson & Anderson LLC

Jim - NFB Molds

Steve Sloss

Philippe and Christophe @Y

Martin Beckmann & FingerboardTV

Anne & Bernhard Nollmeyer

Pete & The NORwood Project

Timo Kranz & The Blackriver family

Glen C. - steel shaper, Machinist

Mark Rodovskiy

Suke Lee - move maker, MCAD Technologies

Joel Quizon - earth shaker, MCAD Technologies

Fred Zobel- idea creator, MCAD Technologies

Rendert & Emily - Ionic Models

Reno - Urban 9

Chad - Creative Mountain Images/Bounce Media (I skate your house)

Nick & Staff - High Country Healing

City of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The state of Colorado - the perfect environment for such notions

The International Fingerboard Community

Justin Hullinghorst

Kirk Heath

Connie Rentz



Laco, Monster & lil’ G


Brendon “Bacon” Crowley


Paul Thistlewaite

Jared Braud

Steve Mundy

Dave Clanton

Wally Newberry

Darren & Jake Stanford


Mozer Man




Big Fal

Arthur Fabre (Jedi Master)

Kathy & Carlos

David Spring

Joe & Rose (I skate your house)

The whole family at WBRZ (I still have ramps in the paper room)

Vail Reservations Department

Everyone that ever said:

 “you should get sponsored”,  “that is a great idea” and “those boards are beautiful, where did you get them”

All who put up with the noise


You for your time and interest.


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